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Saturday, July 15, 2000

The Incredibly Unsubmersible Mego Hulk - 1970-1980!

I tried to teach him how to swim -
he fell completely apart - went to pieces - buckled under pressure?

Say it as you will or as you like,
all I know is that *my* Mego Hulk
was never the same again
after our little swimming lessons!

These swimming lessons took place in Ontario
in a pool that I was very fond of
for I returned there every single summer.
It was my happiest childhood times,
or so I believed...
For what did I know about anything, in truth?
I was innocent and ignorant
of a great many things...
Back then, I could be fooled quite easily.
I could be led to believe,
with the simplest of bribes,
that what was in no way kosher
was indeed halal -
if you get what I am screaming here...!

Such is the innocence of a child -
that he can be so easily duped, deceived,
led along...

The Mego Hulk
is but an allegorical reference
to all that -
to all these events that led
to the summer of 1980 -
and the disappointment
or several.

The Mego Hulk
disappointed me
in that it did not mix well
with H2O - at all.

Mego disappointed me
as toy company
that produced crap, really -
and not quality stuff
that lasted, such as rival Hasbro
or that other rival, Kenner -
to name but two...

But the great disappointment of 1980
was another entirely...
Someone will feel that way
when someone is betrayed
especially so early in life...
And when it is someone that you respected
maybe even admired
and thought higher of
than even your own parents
the one true heroes in your life -
that betrayal stings all the more.
Even moreso due to the fact that
it is truly a case of shame on ME
not simply shame on YOU -
due to the fact that
you realize how blind you really were...

The fact that you realized that
at the ripe old age of eight or so
while others who were there
still havenand are blind to the truth of it all
even NOW
is not all that comforting, no...

Even more regretful was,
for the longest time,
that one did not take revenge...!

But enough has been said -
TOO MUCH has been told, in fact...

The fact of this matter is
that it belongs on another blog
and another time...


(But not Mego


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