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Tuesday, August 10, 2010
  Random Thoughts - Random Visions

... through the years - oh my Lord; where have all these years gone to?
Years spent soul-searching... like... what do I really wanna do?!? 
Something artistic... eh? But in what field, exactly?
In what medium - through what craft?
The questioning began... with breakfast.

Never mind what's inside the box - 
read what's ON the box! 
Soon, they even thought of offering additional 
reading material (if questionable and all) 
with all of their products...!

Those were the days... thanks, General Mills!
This sure beat the ''surprise'' or free little toy...
or did it?

Covey (who?) and Lithgow (isn't he an actor...?) 
And... Brown?!? 
It's a DECEPTION POINT all right...!!!

But that was then - before I ''bit into books'' - there was TV!
(You gotta make your teeth, y'know...)

I was but a wee bit lad...
heck, no - I was a toddler!  A newborn babe in the crib still! 
Rocking my own cradle - but still...! 
I wanted no rattle - I wanted commercials! 
I paid no attention when the ''regular programming'' returned...
I was all eyes and all ears when the commercials would start! 

They tended to have more vivid colors, y'know? 
A faster pace... higher volume, for darn sure... 
Far more memorable characters, too!
Even some could be downright... scary!
Or just plain weird...

This trend would reflect itself in various ways; 
the oddball character made just to sell chocolate:

Was this based on the notorious Boston-based criminal or what...?!?

Ahh - NOW he's living up to his ''Whity'' monicker there!
At least that...
(Let's not even go into the ''nutrition facts'' - okay?)

... to those made up to sell cheap chunks of sugar - called ''cereal'' somehow! 
(That Tiger was NOT the only monster of his kind... y'know!)

... all the way to the most heinous use, vile tactic of all - 
the use of cute LIVE animals (okay, sometimes live...) 
in order to sell something - anything!

The list is so very long of culprits in this sickening category: 
in my lifetime, I have seen so many - Telus, Fido, Royale, 
- hell, even when it appears warranted and validated, 
you just know the animals are being exploited- case in point: IMAX...

''Magical'' eh - but what did it do for the actual sea life?!?

 And yet... fare like this inspires one's 
artistic ambitions - of course it does! 

Ahh - I should have ventured to work in typesetting, typography... 
ART under a very broadened (and commercial) name! 
The wonders I could have done - with the right image, 
my luminous words *and* a tiny bit of fancy...!
I would have created gems like these, it is for darn sure:

And true, sheer EUPHORIA I would have generated - indeed!

I would have concocted a thousand and one scenarios 
worthy of the thousand-and-one night fairy tales of old...!

... weaving stories that would captivate - and sell products!

... whether borderline anorexic hermaphrodites would be used - or not... 

... blurring the lines between the real - and the unreal!

Imagination can take someone way too far though - sometimes...

I could have come up with such sordid material too...?!?
I could have!!!

This contest (above) seemed to be tailor-made for me, too: 
dammit, it was a golden opportunity - in hindsight...
I should have taken the plunge!!!

... and ''SWIM... SWIM... SWIM!!!'' she seems to... scream! 
Is she mermaid... siren... or succubus?!? 
RESIST HER LURE (and allure!)
Fortunately - and unfortunately, too - I did resist...
(Hence, I'll never know if I would have won that contest - or not!)

With a little imagination, you can go back to childhood wonder, actually...
And speaking of swimming...

''Under the sea... come out and see!''

''Bad idea!''

''S-s-scary mutant... we're afraid!!!''

''He's just jealous because I look like a million bucks!''

''Waaaaugh! You don't have to be a millionaire 
to lead a ducky life - like me!''

''Happiness is not found in the things you own, tho...''

... although 50 for 50 is... cute.

And we always want to be gifted - lots of gifts! 

REBATES make the sale, oftentimes...
(always wondered: ''Alex Amado'' - surely, that cannot be 
the dude's real name - can it? If it is...
I'm really ''Luminous Luciano'' too!)

She looks obsessed alright...

And he looks possessed! 

Whatever you're selling, 
the world of publicity has to sell one thing first and foremost: 

This James Bond knock-off and his too-familiar-for-her-own-good 
(in her own market, anyway, she was - everywhere else she's just... blah!)
are fine examples of... the opposite! 
Hence OPERATION: ZERO'' lived up to its name: 
with zero results! Way to go, Léon...! 
Better luck with your 150th...?

The perfume industry, as opposed to the fashion industry, got my attention; 
high concept photography and production values, be it in their TV ads 
or photo presentations - dammit, I could have done that too!!!

''Oh bunny-boy... I think I'm not feeling too well, hare...
I'm seeing stars... or snowflakes?!?''

''What you need is a good BREAKFAST, bunny-buddy! 
The most important meal of the day!!!''

''Come out to SEA - and you will SEE...!''

''One more bit of that, and I'll be sea-sick; and then I'm gonna quack!''

The ditzy blonde made me think of all those free newspapers 
that I used to pick up, religiously, throughout the 90s... 
naughty nineties... not sure why...?!?

Artistic photography put to commercial use still fascinates me though, to this day - 
even when it is only the art of using animals to make business for you, really!

... despicable though it can be when it is made in the field of pharmaceuticals, 
most particularly...


I would not have ever wanted to be contributing to this...

Even parodies of the sad reality seem... in poor taste.

Stick only to ''willing, non-tortured* models 
to sell your crap... darn corporate entities...!!!

This one may look out of it - but, trust me, she's not!
Neither is she...

Nor is he...

No one goes all out as Watier though... in order to sell! 
Concepts... Photo shoots... Advertisements...

Above: Lise's Lookalikes - Keira Knightley, Carole Bouquet & J-Lo clones...
Whatever it takes to sell the cosmetics, eh?

... this when, ironically enough, the local ''stars'' she should be having 
sealed and delivered, under *exclusive* contract for life, 
are on loan to bigger fish in her own industry...!!!

She eventually gets them back, however - 
or gets some of them to moonlight.

Music sells cosmetics - and vice-versa! 
They can't obtain one contract without having had the other first! 
That is how models fancy themselves actresses, too...

Next two are nothing out of this world, truth be told: 
the ''Marcelle'' model reminds me of a TV personality of the 90s...
long gone from the airwaves... never to return! 
And that ''hand in the pocket'' design/fantasy - HA! 
I could have come up with THAT...!

The next Milla Jovovich, right there:

One thing is extremely clear, and it was crystal clear to my nubile mind 
even way back when I was but a tiny, tiny, itty-bitty little luminous baby: 
with the right package, the right allure... you can sell anything.
Even a losing sports team! 
Cue in: Mike's favorite team...
(Mike - my good old childhood friend!)

Too bad she's not a redhead... eh, Mike?!?

Ahh... Miss these losers! It was so nice to see 
when the Boston Bruins would travel to Quebec City 
and stomp a mudhole on those blue-and-white boogers! 
The good old days... 
How ironic is it that the veteran defenseman Ray Bourque, 
20+ years in Boston, would come to finally hoist the cup 
(that's ''win a championship'' in hockey lingo) 
with those Nordiques... once they moved, got sold and redesigned  
and changed their name to... the Colorado Avalanche. 
At least Patrice Bergeron didn't have to win his cup 
with the Tampa Bay Lightning - or some atrocity like it! 
He stuck to the team that drafted him, through thick and thin, 
he BELIEVED - and he is a champion now!

I believe I always did...
But that's another story - 
for another blog!

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