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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All of my favorites had career years
back in 1972...

Bobby Orr
led the Boston Bruins to the
Stanley Cup Championship

Ric Flair
was beginning his career
under the tutelage of
the best in the business
(not a single McMahon
was involved!)

was under the penmanship
of Steve Skeates
and drawn
by his quintessential artist
(whether he likes it or not)
Jim Aparo

Emerson Fittipaldi
becomes the Formula One champion
also becoming the first Brazilian to do so
and the youngest ever as well!
Épa, Emerson!
Força, rapaz!

led Benfica
to one of their six championships
of the decade
as well as leading them
to the Portuguese Cup
in their jam-packed
Estádio Da Luz!
Viva O Eusébio!
Viva O Benfica!
Viva Portugal!

Luis Figo,
Jason Varitek,
Mariusz Czerkawski,
Shaquille O'Neal,
Dave Roberts,
Manny Ramirez,
Jennifer Garner,
Poppy Montgomery,
Cameron Diaz,
Ben Affleck,
Claudia Black,
Maria de Lurdes Mutola,
Joey McIntyre
were all born in 1972.
(Hey - being born
is quite the achievement already
believe me on that!
But literally all of the above
would do something nice,
decades later - so
double kudos
for being born, folks!)

Carl Yastrzemski
did wonders
in his attempts
to lift the Curse
that still plagued
the Boston Red Sox
back then...
A+ for the effort!

Elizabeth Montgomery
ended her Bewitched run
in grand style
(despite Dick York
being absent
and Dick Sargent
being present)
Glad that the witchery
and nose-twitching
ended, though...
Also glad not to have
to see Agnes Moorehead
and her sewing circle
But I was young
and innocent back then:
what's sewing, anyway?

The Boston Celtics
and the
New England Patriots
held their own
in the NBA & NFL -
one after basically
ruling it
for over a decade
and the other
after recently
joining it
(that would be the Pats
joining the NFL, yeah)

Louis De Funès,
Gilles Latulippe
and Fernandel
made me laugh so much
(residual income
was terrific too
for, at least,
two out of three
for the rest of
their natural lives!)

battled it out
-so amusingly-
with new nemesis
Monsieur Tranquille -
and it is the latter
that would prevail...
In retrospect,
it is a good thing.
A very good thing indeed.

My favorite
silver screen
stars & heroes
Charlton Heston,
Ron Ely,
Charles Bronson,
Lee Marvin,
Roy Thinnes,
Robert Vaughn,
David McCallum,
Patrick MacNee
- or they were on TV a lot!

My favorite dames
were the talk of the town:
Diana Rigg,
Tina Turner,
Lee Remick,
Tuesday Weld,
Maggie Smith,
Raquel Welch,
Amalia Rodrigues,
Susannah York,
Kay Kendall

Others, I was seeing in action
on a weekly basis
if not a daily one -
and it would soon become too much!
I wouldn't have been able to realize
it back then, but it would be
a blessed day indeed
when I would no longer watch
in action the likes of
Craig Sterling, Richard & Sharon,
the Time Tunnel duo,
Land of the Giants clique
or even the Robinsons in space!
It was a simple case of
"enough already"...

Musically-wise now...
Vicky Leandros
won the
Eurovision Song Contest
for Luxembourg
with the hit song
*Après Toi*
(music by Klaus Munro & Mario Panas
lyrics by Klaus Munro & Yves Dessca)

Several bands were doing
interesting things,
such as The Who,
the now-grungy-looking Beatles
and many, many more -
but I was simply too young
to appreciate...!
I would discover it all
much later on...
(And it shall be the subjects
of many posts here,
on the Saudades Blog!)

And Vangelis
with fellow countryman
Demis Roussos
were a band
singing such great material
as this right here:


Tell me now, tell me then
what was not to like back then?
What was not to like about being a kid back when
it was only nineteen seventy-two?

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