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Monday, January 25, 1999
  Songstresses Divine

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Monday, January 18, 1999
  Miscellaneous Heroes And Stuff That Impressed Me When I Was A Teeny-Weeny One...!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 1999
Captain Action - master of disguise! (Hey - wasn't that DC's Unknown Soldier's schtick?)

The good Captain passing himself off as The Ghost Who Walks - aka The Phantom!

The good Captain pretending to be the King of the Seven Seas now - Aquaman!

Things have changed little since those good ol' innocent days - the good Captain's arch-foe was a dead ringer for... Osama Bin Laden? (Or OBM is a Dr. Evil clone...? "Dr. Evil" -? Hmm... Any relation to the silly Austin Powers foil? Guess not...)

AHH - FINALLY - THE TRUE CAPTAIN; in all of his bland 1984ish glory! ;)
(No finer Captain has been seen since... Captain Nemo perhaps?)
(Nota Bene: in order to remedy to that, surely, the good Captain kept dressing up as other more, ah, charismatic heroes for the whole time that his ephemeral tenure lasted... I do believe that his other "borrowed roles" were Superman, Batman, Captain America, Zorro and maybe even Lone Ranger and Tarzan...? No - skip that last one! Although it would have been tremendously easy to fill the requirements of the role, Tarzan properties probably asked for too much moolah for Cheetah...! Same goes for Zorro properties! Instead, there is an astronaut role there - I cannot tell which one that is; but it could not be Matt Mason, I imagine; he was the competition! Maybe Buck Rogers? And there was an army man there too - Sgt. Fury or the better man, Sgt. Rock; either way, you get your cannon fodder! ;)
Oh - there is another blond guy there too; Brick Bradford, could it be?
Aquaman's near twin bro! From that damnable "surface world" - but still!
With hindsight, one can be fairly perplexed that the easiest disguises of all were not included here: Spider-Man and Snake-Eyes!)

Ah - a close-up, Mr. De Mille! :)
Yes - Captain Action was a very sad man in his private life -
not gay at all! ;)
You didn't see this guy hang out with Barbies like all those inane G.I. Joes would do, "after (playtime) hours" - no sir you wouldn't!
Captain Action was ALL BUSINESS -
And so were Captain Scarlet...
Captain Marvel (whichever one you want...!)
Capitaine Flam...
But I digress...
And those are other stories - for other posts! ;)


Monday, January 04, 1999

The fascination that the combination of vampirism and lesbianism exerts on young, impressionable minds cannot be denied (though it may be decried as any number of things...!)
Needless to say, a myriad of Hammer Films (and their imitators) contributed to this...
Hammer Films were, overall, the most impacting genre films of all - but, for this category, they were not the sole ones! Oh no - far from it. Roger Vadim gave it a try with his Blood And Roses, which was an artfilm more than anything else. José Ramon Larraz made his 1974 Vampyres the most lustful vampire lovers ever (Ingrid Pitt has more class but her Vampire Lovers are not as luscious; and nor is The Hunger's twosome) and since the genre has gone by the wayside, it is a distinction that will likely stick. Several lesser filmmakers gave it the old college try too... And then there was the very odd Vampyros Lesbos too...
How can one forget the turns the delectable Delphine Seyrig, Danielle Ouimet, Yutte Stensgaard, Anulka Dziubinska, Marianne Morris, Celeste Yarnall and many others took at portraying these type of nocturnal creatures...
Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon's cinematic encounter (top) is quite unforgettable too, indubitably...
There were more forgettable such encounters over the years, certainly...
However, there were truly unforgettable pairs as well!

But the uncontested queen of the genre remains Ingrid Pitt.
And hers is the dubious distinction of knowing how to both titillate and scare half-to-death an audience, all at once, and, seemingly, at will too!
Ingrid Pitt remains forever linked to the role of Carmilla
as Ingrid Bergman remains forevermore the one Anastasia of cinema!

Here's to you, Ingrid!
No, that's not blood - it's cherry! ;)

The phenomenon was parodied often - brilliantly so here by one Steve Coogan
His parody of lesbian vampire movies, with Coogan and Sally Bretton as newlyweds invited to stay at the castle of lustful Countess Kronsteen (Ronni Ancona, having a blast!)
From Coogan's comedy-horror tv series, Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible,
Episode: "Lesbian Vampire Lovers of Lust"
Coogan could not get Ingrid pitt to participate; he got the next best thing in the classy Honor Blackman (The Avengers' Cathy Gale and 007's Pussy Galore - somthing she has in common with Countess Kronsteen there! But Honor is playing a Van Helsing type here, really; a middle-aged, sexy-as-hell female Van Helsing! And why not - if monstruous bloodsucking vampire women -particularly vampire lesbians- can be perceived as sexy despite their age that reaches inot the hundreds -allegedly- surely a middle-aged woman who looks her age can be sexy too!)

Vampire women have a certain allure all their own though...
It is all very subjective, really!

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