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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mange l'ours Mange - Dans le Noir
Mange L'Ours Mange

A band that, much to everyone's surprise, STILL exists; the evidence of this being that they have their own MySpace (then again, tons of fictional characters also have theirs - several times over too! But that is another -odd- story...) and they also have their own website... Thus, I think we can hazard a guess here and say that they are still making music, somewhere... somehow!

Me? Or I should say "MOI?" - more than ever before, here...!
I just like the song "Dans Le Noir" for its obvious tongue-firmly-in-cheek humor while dealing with what we know in such an aloof way...!
The lyrics just say enough NOT to be vulgar - a rare quality, especially when it comes to Quebec rock...
In short... Fun lyrics - great beat!
And the videoclip - its montage making ample use of footage excerpted from MANY classic films; some are in color but since many are very old films never even colorized by Ted Turner, the ensemble was turned into a Black-&-White cool vid that transcends all the boundaries of imagination and plain old FUN! Even the few tidbits of footage that show band members that cannot truly play up to the camera do not ruin the flow - quite a feat, I tell ya! The front man, and maybe the bear in question here, sure can play to the camera - in a somewhat still limited way, but still; we cannot ask too much from Quebec rock stars, especially now as they come out from those insipid "Star Académies"...! (But that is another story too...)
I'd like to finally know who the girl is though - the one whose ear he is shouting into at some point, late in the vid, and she merely flashes her perfect smile as a fan accentuates the air blowing in her direction...! Nice F/X - the best we can expect, again, coming from Quebec - but you've guessed it; it is another story as well... That chick looks familiar, somehow; must have been doing commercials for Loto-Québec or some damn thing like that! Un air de famille avec les Andrée Pelletier et Anne-Marie Provencher qui se firent exploitées pas-à-peu-près, jadis, au ''Culbec'' - tant au cinéma qu'à la télé - tout simplement à cause de leurs jolis minois...!  Coitadinhas delas... hmm?
STILL, I simply love this video and it is probably the sole strongest reason why I still remember this band at all! I remember taping this video more than once, on sheer instinct, whenever I had blank videotape ready to go in the old VCR and this video would come on either on Musique Pluche or Plus or MuchMusic's "French Kiss" showcase for (mostly) Quebec folk singers... Ah, the memories!

Cameos by Godzilla, Nosferatu, Freaks, classic stop animation monsters AND EVEN THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (ol' Gillman himself!) at the very end - all that and lots of daring scenes from the very-much golden age of SMUT; when on-screen nakedness began! Wow - vintage nudies! WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THIS VIDEO - when you're an adolescent enjoying life, that is, hmm?

They don't make them FUN like that anymore - THAT is for damn sure, anyway!
Now if only the damn video remained AVAILABLE for viewing, too...!!!

Kudos to Mange L'Ours Mange for this one - at least
(I wouldn't know about the rest of their repertoire - I remember, quite vaguely, giving their subsequent material a chance, based on my sole enjoyment of this one song and video, and all I truly remember from it is the disappointment factor kicking in... So...)

Other bands just like them that I successfully retrace on the web (and remember, first...!) will get a tiny nostalgic spotlight here as well - bands such as Offenbach/Corbeau/Corbach... and... hmm... that one band that seemed so amateurish, no matter what they tried to do in order to innovate and (most of all) improve themselves... What was that band's name, again? Nothing as original(ly odd) as "Mange L'Ours Mange" - that is for sure! It'll come back to me... hopefully!
Meanwhile, all my memory banks can muster is the title of their very last HIT - or, at least, single release: appropriately and quite tellingly it was called "S.O.S."

Stay tuned for that - and much more!


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