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Wednesday, June 15, 2011
  OSB - 1950s-1960s

Aye, let us all merrily go One Step Beyond now...!

Mostly 1960s as the show ran from 1959 to 1961 - a run that totalled nearly 100 episodes. When one compares that with some new programs that run no more than

No, it is obviously not the OSB that Tony Hawk was associated with here; nor is it the Madness-type of OSB - this OSB is the original one, the only one of its kind and the BEST.

Even better than the similarly-themed (but entirely fictional) and yet much better-known Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond innovated by its very raison d'être and mandate: to stick to retelling true stories and only true stories.

Granted, TZ had a distinct advantage over OSB - the host. Rod Serling was machismo incarnate while John Newland would be, at best, described as a closeted gay by viewers today - viewers too fast on jumping to conclusions, mind you, but the appearances deceive here mightily indeed. That same type of viewers will reiterate, ad nauseam, that OSB is a tamer -if not lamer- version of TZ when, in fact, the truth is something totally upside down: OSB predated TZ (narrowingly but still it did) and its objective was never to be as outrageously prone to delve into fantasy as Serling's would do. In fact, OSB was merely continuing a time-honored tradition established in the forties; mystery tales and drama broadcast on the radio, with the added flavour of supernatural phenomena this time. Whereas "The Shadow" Knew back in the day, as Newland would point out, "the real people who lived (these stories) believe it. They know. They took that (dramatic pause) one step beyond!" And so began each and every episode of this fact-based series, for each and every tale was indeed a true account of the paranormal, nothing imagined by a scribe like Rod Serling, for judiciously-chosen example...! The differences between Serling and Newland could not be clearer: one was trying to be a pioneer of science-fiction on television while the other was a continuation of what the likes of Orson Welles had done on radio - but with a conscious focus on the real dramas lived by real people and documented as such, as well.

DVD Talk's resident expert reviewed this series when the first season came out on dvd some time ago - now that the same entire first season is available to view for free on YouTube, why not see for yourselves what the erudite television historian was talking about all along there? You will be glad you did. What's more, you will BELIEVE - for this is substantially more, much more than the standard Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Hitchhiker, Alfred Hitchcock Presents or other Tales From The Darkside fare that is entirely fictional - with elements of folklore and, therefore, of truth in it, inserted here and there throughout their stories, surely...

But it is not like One Step Beyond - nothing is.

Perhaps a fine introduction to the classy classic here would be to first listen to its music - fine music like they used to compose for the first generation of television shows; those were the days - and such a soundtrack album is indeed available to you all. Just click on the image below, which is the jacket of said album, of course, and you will be transported... one step beyond? Well, to a dimension of sound and of mind anyways - no, wait, that's what the other guy would say... You will be transported to another review of porduct - that is all! There!

However, you are all strongly encouraged to see from your own eyes what the buzz and fuss are all about; aye, do not, I repeat NOT merely believe what we are telling you about this classic show, all of us convinced reviewers found on the web - go and see the show yourselves (and for free - can it get greater than that?) right here, on the ever-lovable YouTube! Click here, for your better convenience...!

And leave your scepticism at the door -
while you enter freely and of your own will - of course!


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