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Monday, May 30, 2005

Ah - yes! WCW had the best action; not TNA, not WWE...!

The Horsemen were WCW's champions and legitimate representatives

The Horsemen feuding with Hollywood (first the Blonds, then Hogan!)
and the recurring themes (hostile takeover by Japan's NWJP guys; a mere rough draft of the nWo as it was...) - so much redundancy that did not impede WCW fans from thoroughly enjoying the unequalled and unrivaled action!

Before Monday Nitro initialed (and led, for the better part of its duration) the infamous Monday Night Wars, Saturday Night was WCW's big night -
much bigger than the late night pre-empter live cartoon show
(as oxymoronic as it all sounds!) that the old WWF used to have
whenever there was no Saturday Night Live, it was allowed on the air
(talking about 'Saturday Night's Main Event' on NBC -
so called to antagonize WCW programming on TBS, I'm sure!)
But really - WCW had the more faithful program
(as in "on every week"!)
and the better program overall too!

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Sunday, May 08, 2005
  Amazing Grace

The preceding video clip comes from a Toronto show in the mid-1960s

The Doors - Jefferson Airplane - and a man from U.N.C.L.E. too? What did Toronto do to deserve so much all at once back then? *LOL*
That guy in the first 8 seconds is Noel Harrison, the regular partner for Stefanie Powers when she was the Girl From U.N.C.L.E. - a role he won after being noticed by the producer's wife on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson! A role which garnered Noel a temporary cult following too... (No - it wasn't just the producer's wife following him around!)
Noel is also the son of Rex Harrison and the proud father of an actress who proved to be daring in her choice of roles - Cathryn Harrison.
Two other artistic kids complete the Harrison legacy - no relation to "uncle" George, either!

But back to Grace Slick's singing - which is what we get on that video clip (depending whetehr it is "still available" or "no longer available" - of course!)
One fan said, on YouTube, that such songs as WHITE RABBIT here and most everything The Doors dished out came from their being on edge, stressed out and anxious over the threat of being nuked, the Cold War, Vietnam, the Russians and so on...
No artists could produce such songs today, said the fan...
HA! Aren't we just as stressed out today as they were back then?
I definitely feel like I am!
And the "anti-time traveling back to the Sixties" comment that came with that bit of context from the same fan was nonsensical at best - not only because time travel is impossible (alas!) but mostly because anyone with a brain and two cents' worth of logic would FOR IT 100%! What is not to love - the swinging sixties, free LSD, free love... LOL
Plus - you get GRACE SLICK in her prime! WOW!
Even if the latter saw Alice In Wonderland being ten feet tall and all...

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Who's that blocking the view? That's envious fat a$$ Dusty Rhodes, that's who!
(No worries: it's all part of the show, really!)

1988 was the year of the Horsemen!
Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard - all individual champions
JJ Dillon - the greatest manager of all time!
(A fourth Horseman was truly optional there!)
(Spares such as Lex Luger, Barry Windham and Paul Roma would fill the role)

Here's a promo that includes one of the spares
later on that year of 1988 - Windham was there.

Here's the Champ - saying it like it is! Whooooooooo!

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
  RASSLIN: Not so fake at all...

Wrestling is not fake at all
the mere physicality of it preempts any abstract quality it could have
Some pundits don't like to hear the word "fake"...
Wrestler David Schultz sure took exception...!

(As he so aptly points out to some poor reporter,
an opened hand slap is an opened hand slap!
Nothing fake about that at all...!
Important to note though, since that incident,
David Schultz was blackballed by the business he so,
ah, valiantly defended!

hmm - and this is not the same David Schultz: 


The same thing basically happened to Vader, 
when a similar incident took place abroad and, soon enough, 
the once much-feared former WCW champion
was on the outs - and a farce. 

Ironic, for he and Schultz, both,
made it loud and clear that
there is nothing funny about pro wrestling!)

And people get hurt 
working there!

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Sunday, May 01, 2005
  Class Act

Ric Flair, circa 1985, swallowing his pride
and still proudly stating the facts:
his win/loss record is the greatest of all-time
he lost the World title on one bad night
but he remains the greatest

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