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tantas Saudades...

Saturday, April 15, 2017
  Ad Affiliation... BETRAYAL!
... now this is another form 
of ''saudade''...!

Mixed with bitterness rather than longing 
for this is all about the vanishing act 
put on display here 
-as on various other blogs 
members of this network- 
by Zenmed... 
We had faithfully carried their ads 
since the very beginning (almost) 
circa 2005... 
And on what might be the 12th anniversary 
(we figure - we're not real sure!)
((okay; we never cared enough 
to celebrate the anniversary 
of this ''partnership'' 
- mere affiliation by any other name!) 
Big Z pulls the plug on us! 
Their stylish ads disappear 
from all of our sidebars - 
leaving said sidebars truly... naked! 
And with those images 
go any last semblance of any 
and all ''affiliations'' here...! 

What went wrong? 
We didn't provide enough clicks - is that it? 
Is it our fault that many of our visitors 
-especially the L.O.V.s- 
do not have rosacea 
nor suffer from any particular 
skin disease you treat...?

Is it our fault most of our visitors 
-most certainly the L.O.V.s- 
care not to click on anything else, 
other than the initial luminous hyperlink, 
perhaps, that led them here in the first place?

Is it our fault that several of our visitors 
-maybe not the L.O.Vs- 
are totally clueless where they have to click, 
once they get to that second and third tab(s) 
- let alone the fourth and the fifth?

We feel betrayed, Zenmed - 
just like the L.O.V.s may be feeling, too! 

You never cared much about us - any of us! 
You BigZ-Pharmaceutical Monster you! 
And we... can definitely do 
without the L.O.Vs visiting so often too! 
Shoo! Scram! Go back to FB or something...!

Do that...
while we revisit, once again... 
what was...
what could have been...
who may be - again! 

Because it is with Zenmed that skin that looks like this 

gets to look like this:

And they also have...

Yes - there`s hope for you, pizza-face!
,,, NICE website they`ve got there!

Here is what aqua musings used to look like, with the ads...

Here is what it looks like now...

But let us just move on...

Focus on ZENMED!

They share things they find to be funny, on their Pinterest
such as this Milk Maiden here: 

Almost an Aquaficionada here; 
a cross between that and the Dairy Queen, verily!
Poor her - she thinks a mere MILK BATH will work 
miracles for her skin - and all over too... 
She needs ZENMED! 

(Hmm... This is turning into a pretty darn good advert for them, eh? 
Maybe I should have done it when I was still an official affiliate!) 

Oh well...

We even tried to goad the sea queen herself - Mera- 
the ultimate Aquaficionada (nothing less) 
into giving you guys a good push, 
with a strategically-placed quip 
about these products being fit for her regal skin -  
''so imagine yours'' (we merely paraphrase here...) 
That was and is still seen on the aqua musings sidebar - 
amongst all the phantom images of what was lost!

But we digress...
Keep smiling - why don't you...

They even encourage laser-removal... 
(if there's any redness afterwards, they've got the cream for you!)

Elmo appears to be a returning customer of theirs...?!? 

In fact, Zenmed will not have any difficulties at all 
finding credible and communicative spokespersons... 
who actually have used their products!

They're easy to find on social media...

And their website is workable.

So, by all means, BUY ZENMED PRODUCTS...
They're proven - they work - and the hyperlinks 
-still here, on the sidebar- 
should take you there without any problem...
We're just missing the vitals, here!

Tell them the bunny sent you.

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