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Saturday, January 20, 2001

Hard to believe, but true -
some twenty years after a comic-book mini-series ended, and after the character in question made his last appearance, they released an action figure of the guy!
"The guy" being the sort-of cipher and bystander become "man in the know" called The Monitor...
Hmm... Is there such a thing as a "commemoartive action figure", really?
If there isn't, DC Direct proudly pioneered the avowed money-funneling from nostalgics scam here...!
And, of course, they also made his evil twin of sorts - his nefarious counterpart, the Anti-Monitor, the very one responsible for all the mischief and chaos in the original series called CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS...
The murderer of countless heroes, in fact -
well, so many of them have
(Only in comics...)
But a few have remained dead -
of those notables are
Barry "The Flash" Allen,
Aquagirl Tula,
the original Supergirl
the original Robin
(meaning Golden Age)
and Lord Volt, along with
his daughter Liana;
the dear ones of one
Lady Quark
(who survived the Crisis -
only to be killed off later on...!
Damn you DC!)
I believe that they also made honorific figures
of The Monitor's henchwoman, Harbinger
and that odd fellow called Pariah
They even made one of Psycho-Pirate!!!
All CRISIS-related characters...
All dead these days.


Thursday, January 11, 2001

The Boston Bruins
have never been the same
since Cam 'The Man' Neely's
abrupt and premature
departure from the game.


With Neely, the B's became
a perennial contender again.
Without him,
they are mere pretenders.
It certainly wasn't
chumps like
Rolston, Thornton, Allison,
Guerin, Anson Carter, Knuble,
Sergei Samsonov
or Martin Lapointe (!!!)
that were going to replace

At least Cam Neely remains
a Bruins ambassador -
I guess that the organization
hopes that, with him around,
some of his grit and passion
will rub off on the new
Bruins players -
namely young guys like
Patrice Bergeron
and Phil Kessel...

Let's hope it works!

The magical Stanley Cup runs
of 1988 and 1990
will never return though -
for those
-as well as the 1993 cup
and, in fact, 1990-1995 cups!-
should have belonged
to the Boston Bruins
with a healthy Neely
leading the way!

He was the archetypical
true power forward
and the most natural goal scorer
ever - in my book.

Neely's heroics on the ice are over now.
But his heroics off the ice continue -
click here to know more...


Tuesday, January 09, 2001
  Favorite Actresses - in no particular order...
free music

Scarlett Johansson

Catherine Deneuve
(not as good as big sis Françoise Dorléac though...)

Rene Russo (really -not reelly- should be Renée...!)

Bryce Dallas Howard

Justine Waddell

Charlize Theron

Anulka Dziubinska

Tuesday Weld

Jacqueline Bisset

Natalie Portman

Keeley Hawes

Shannon Farnon

Ashley Judd

Dina Meyer (pictured here before she was good!)

Julia Brendler

Daniella Wolters

Sabrina Ferilli

Elle McPherson

Megan Gale

Fellow Taurean Candice Bergen

Alex Kingston

Natasha Gregson-Wagner
(her mother, Natalie Wood, by default)

Lynda Carter

Joey Heatherton

Anne-Marie Provencher

Andrée Pelletier

Sylvia Kristel (avec une amie...)

Wendy Crewson (and Leslie Hope too - why not!)

Fiona Shaw

Katharine Hepburn

Keira Knightley

Kate Beckinsale

Romy Schneider

Francesca Neri

Stacie Randall

Tina Louise

Anita Ekberg


Embeth Davidtz

Marilyn Monroe

Rhonda Fleming

B.P. - Betty Page

B.B. - Brigitte Bardot

Veronica Hamel

Julianne Moore

Luciana Paluzzi

Laura Gemser

Cate Blanchett

Did I mention Rhonda Fleming...?

Linda Evans

Bostonian-born Uma Thurman

Anicée Alvina

Anne Heywood

Melora Hardin

Maggie Smith
before she was a stuffy Dame -
at her apex hence, in 1976's classic
Murder By Death (a Columbia Picture)

Diane Keaton

Gitte Haenning

Cameron Diaz
(still the most beauteous Cam ever! *lol*)
(and better as a brunette, I think!)

Simone Signoret

Helen Mirren

Diana Rigg (with frequent co-star and dear friend Oliver Reed)

Nicole Courcel

Nicole Croisille

You're absolutely sure that I did mention
Rhonda Fleming, right?

(No "help me Rhonda (Ronda?) - help - help me Rhonda" jokes now!)

Luise Rainer

and the Baroness...


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