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Thursday, January 11, 2001

 The Boston Bruins
 have never been the same
 since Cam 'The Man' Neely's
 abrupt and premature
 departure from the game. 

 With him in their line-up, 
 the Bruins were an elite team  
 capable of toppling anyone  
 on any given night!


 With Neely, the B's became 
 a perennial contender again. 
 Without him, 
 they turned into mere pretenders. 

 It certainly wasn't
 chumps like
 Rolston, Thornton, Allison,
 Guerin, Anson Carter, Knuble,
 even Sergei Samsonov
 or (sic) Martin Lapointe (!!!)
 that were going to replace
 THE MAN...! 

 (And if you ask me, the only ones 

 who came the closest to accomplish the feat 
 were John Carter, Steve Leach, 
 Vladimir Ruzicka and Glen Murray 
- none of which could keep it up in 
a sustained way like Neely, though; 
and none remained with the organisation 
in another capacity after their careers 
as players were over...) 
 At least Cam Neely remains
 a Bruins ambassador -

and the eventual Team President...
 I guess that the organization
 hopes that, with him around,
 some of his grit and passion
 will rub off on the new
 Bruins players -
 namely young guys like
 Patrice Bergeron

David Krejci
 and Phil Kessel... 

 Let's hope it works! 

 The magical Stanley Cup runs 
 of 1988 and 1990 
 will never return though - 
 for those 
 -as well as the 1993 cup 
 and, in fact, 1990-1995 cups! -
 that should have belonged 
 to the Boston Bruins 
 with a healthy Neely 
 leading the way! 

 He was the archetypical 
 true power forward 
 and the most natural goal scorer 
 ever - in my book. 

 Neely's heroics on the ice are over now. 
 But his heroics off the ice continue - 
 click here to know more... 


is the Year of the Championship that didn't happen - but definitively should have occurred.

The Boston Bruins were the BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE - even better than the one they had been in 1990 when they had actually won first place overall in the season's final standings!

Not only did they have Cam Neely at his peak, they boasted a line-up chock-full of lionhearted leaders and deserving champions such as Dave Poulin, Ray Bourque, Glen Wesley, Adam Oates, Steve Leach, Vladimir Ruzicka, Dave Reid, Ted Donato, Don Sweeney, Peter Douris, Glen Murray, Bryan Smolinski, Brent Ashton, Gord Murphy, Brent Hughes, Steve Heinze, David Shaw, Gordie Roberts, Tim Sweeney, Joe Juneau, Jim Wiemer, Jozef Stumpel, Andy Moog, John Blue and Dmitri Kvartalnov (Special K!)

They had finished with 109 points atop the old Adams Division - seven points better than the hated Habs. They had only five fewer wins than the team that had finished first overall; the pesky Pittsburgh Penguins, the powerhouses of the day (which had replaced the Edmonton Oilers in that role, for a time)

But they were robbed three times in OVERTIME in their first round playoffs match-up with lowly Buffalo - the only triumph those sneaky Sabres could ever claim in their entire existence in the NHL - save for that period of time when they built themselves into a contender - only to unravel in the Finals and lose, as they always should have!

But that is another story...

1993 turned into a travesty - as all the top contenders (Boston, Pittsburgh, Edmonton as well) lost to lowly teams that had no business stealing victory from their superiors - but, somehow, they did just that.

And then what happened?

All those losers reverted back to just what they truly were: losers - but at the wrongest of times. Buffalo, the NY Islanders and L.A. Kings all wound up losing to... the hated Habs.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmontreal... argh!!!

Some so-called experts among the observers of the day said that "the Canadiens saw a door opening and courageously went forward and passed through it!"


THE TRUTH is that they faced all the teams that hadn't any business being there - faced none of the true contenders against whom they would have LOST... And even then, they had to rely on stealing victory IN OVERTIME AS WELL, as their goalie stole goals from the (meek, but still very real) opposition. Hell, they established a "record" then - Montreal won the most games in OVERTIME that year on their way to the CUP. All that the so-called "record" tells you is that they WON IT THROUGH THE BACKDOOR - AGAINST THE WEAKEST TEAMS ON TOP OF THAT! Each game was so close, it could have gone either way! And they could have (should have - would have easily) lost to LOSERS who got by on a fluke themselves to reach that round in the first place!

Montreal has been CURSED ever since, at least - 1993 was their last STOLEN CUP.

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