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tantas Saudades...

Friday, January 01, 2021
  The Saudades Official Anthem


1992's Amy Grant opus, "I Will Remember You"
And for other things, other songs:

free music

da vida antiguamente
de tantas coisas perdidas
do tempo passado
do tempo perdido
do tempo que nunca voltarà mais.

Sim, tenho saudades
de tanta coisa.

Saudades de ti.

Saudades de tudo.


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Thursday, December 31, 2020
  ~ Nostalgia ~

Times Past Will Never Return -
Memories Will Sustain Us, For A Time...
And Then...
We Will Find Solace In The Present Again ~
God Willing!

Les Regrets - A. Souchon


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Wednesday, December 30, 2020
  Time: Undetermined!

Because it is already over! 
Porque jà acabeu...!

Na verdade, eu não sei qual é, de verdade, a época que eu amo mais do que a outra...!

En vérité, je vous le dis: je ne sais pas à quelle époque je suis le plus attaché - ni à quel saint me vouer?

The fact of the matter is, I feel as though I am stuck in-between several times: just as I am caught in-between several cultures, languages, traditions...

What to do in this case?
What better than indulge in all of them and embrace them all equally?
That shall make me a quite unique Luciano all right: less boring than the norm, at least!
A true-blue Citizen of the World: Citizen Luce!
I aspire, truth be told, to become somewhat timeless... intemporal... as well!

For I cling on to the Golden Sixties with all my soul:

Am a child of the Seventies deep in my heart:

Lived through the Eighties, through my wits' end and beyond:

Matured in the Nineties, through trial and error:

Matured some more in the "Noughties" -and survived- as it should be:

And am now truly becoming a man of the 21st Century true and true (even though, sometimes, I feel like Buck Rogers did in the 25th - or is that Duck Dodgers in the whatever it is for that quack?)

Through all this, I can say that all the diversity of input that created this mish-mash, this maelstrom of sights and sounds in my head, has truly endowed me with quite the perspective here... It has given me that ol' luminous discernment that I talk about, here and elsewhere, throughout the TLB Prime Network!  I also call it something else: I've called it 20/20 Vision - with a capital "V" baby! Oui!

For, when one sticks around long enough, one sees through the smoke and mirrors, reads between the lines, discerns the truth that much better - and faster! One realizes how true old adages really are: yes, history does repeat itself. Even when they think they know their history and feel therefore unencumbered with the inevitable doom of repeating it: they will repeat it, in some brand-new novel way all of their own...! It is all the more reason to be fond of the past: after all, they made mistakes because they had never heard of those things before. What's our excuse...?

Sim, tenho sempre saudades do passado... E sempre vou ter!

Sempre Por O Melhor

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018
  Tia Margarida
My dear, dear aunt... 
Tia Margarida 
de São Miguel, Açores... 

You gifted me  
one of my most precious, 
favorite toys of all-time 

I never thanked you enough for it. 

As I never thanked you enough for 
being a second mother for me... 
that lengthy car ride... 
all the treats - all the laughs! 
Being such a beautiful audience! 
Oh, how I think fondly of those days... 
so often wished they had not ended. 
Other souvenirs from those joyful times include: 

Your sweetness and kindness 
-the glue that held the clan together- 
your smile, always present; 
I always held you in such 
high regard... 

You do not know it, 
but you made me love 
that city so much 

I love the ocean 
in great part thanks to you too; 
being there, touching the Atlantic, 
the Açores, Martha's Vineyard, 
all inspired by your retelling 
of the magnificent domain 
that ended on a cliff, 
with the ocean's waves 
crashing upon the rocks 
- and all the lagosta...! 

You made me discover 
a whole lot of characters 
I had never heard of before 
- at such an early age, too 

You were the best - 
you are the best 
- aunt, sister, sister-in-law, 
mother, wife, role-model, 
and grandmother... 

At one time, 
you were the family's very own 
Donna Reed! 
I would have made such a casting, 
if time constraints were not...! 


You inspired so many: 

Most of all I know Him 
in good part because of you 

I know your brethren believe 
you are asleep now... 
In that deepest of sleeps 
from which one awakes 
only at the sound of 
a most ominous Trumpet 
on That Day of Awe... 

Me... I believe you are with GOD 
- with your husband... 
reunited with Paula... 
with Carlos... 
with my father too... 
your parents, your loved ones... 
everyone who has departed 
and now will wait for that Day - 
when we will all be reunited 
after everyone's reached completion 
of this test called earthly life. 

He Called your name, this time... 

You are with Your Saviour. 

Greatest of Amazing Things: 
I was listening to this song, 
on what would come to be 
your final night on Earth:  
I was listening to it non-stop 
(and, as you will quickly come 
to realize, such is the nature of 
the video uploaded to YouTube 
by one whose faith is, 
quite evidently, 
as great as hers...) 

I was listening to this song 
as she was about to be with Him. 

And I think she liked 
-make that: adored
this song very, very much: 

We will see each other again, 
cara tia Margarida - 
but not yet... not yet. 


Nunca me esquecerei 

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