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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Recently, when the Boston Bruins defeated the once-mighty Ottawa Senators (once-mighty, yes, as early as days before the game, that is...) and the Bruins did so without top forwards and scoring threats Marc Savard, Patrice Bergeron and Chuck Kobasew in the line-up, I thought back to 1992 instantly.

For that was the year when, the Bruins -without Cam Neely, Ray Bourque or Craig Janney (the three players responsible for much of their success from 1988 up to that point)- managed to upset the supposedly mighty Montreal Canadiens! Those same inane Canadiens who would win (through the backdoor) the Stanley Cup in 1993 - the year the Bruins were the favorites to take it. And the fact of the matter is that the B's would also defeat them in 1994 - when the Habs were, thus, defending "champions" then...!  The Bruins, without any of their top stars (Dave Poulin was leading the troops then; but he'd retire after the 1993 great team somehow did not achieve to the level called for by its tremendous potential) those 1992 Bruins, yes, actually swept the Canadiens in four straight games that year - with, of all people, Rick Bowness as their head coach! (Bowness' highlight from his Boston days, and his entire coaching career as a matter of fact, quite clearly...!)

Obscure players such as Jim Wiemer and Peter Douris had their moment of glory then also: sticking it to overrated Canadiens (times do not change, it seems...) and proving once again that ANYTHING can happen in the wild world of sports...!

Too bad the RIGHT thing doesn't happen more often though!

Such are the "unponderables" in sports - and in life itself, verily...

Below: the only Bruins player who was there
in both 1992 and 2008: forward Glen Murray.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Two years ago
Two days ago -
in the spiritual realm

Two years ago today,
those of us present to witness it
said goodbye to the
Taciturn Leader;
my father,
Joao Jacinto Borges Pimentel.

I had prepared myself on the late side,
on the 22nd,
to go see Dad at the hospital.
When I got there,
I found him sound asleep
but in a very strange manner.
Only I could tell, of course,
that something was wrong -
only I knew him well enough,
so it was me who wound up
sounding the alarm
which led to CODE BLUE
a mere few minutes later...
No one else
in that wretched hospital
would have noticed A THING,
if it wasn't for me;
not the nurses,
doctors, quacks, hacks,
you name them...

It was over
right there and then -
but I ordered them to

And we got a short reprieve.

Six days - merely that - with Dad hooked
on a respirator...

At the end of which
we had to say goodbye
in saddest fashion.

It all happened exactly two years ago - TODAY.


I remember the anguish
of facing all this,
alone, because the "others"
who came were of so little
support, ultimately,
and they came only after
the worst had already occurred.
The worst moments,
the pure anguish
I lived it alone.
And I remember it all
so very vividly...

As if it was YESTERDAY -
isn't that the expression?

Only, it can be said here, again,
"as if it was TODAY" -
for more than a single reason too.
Or 48 hours ago...

After all, it was two years ago for me
- but it was two days ago, for Dad.



Friday, March 14, 2008

Today, March 14th, is my Dad's BIRTHDAY...
And it is exactly on this day that they announced
the inauguration of the NEW E.R.
at Sacré-Coeur Hospital;
the hospital where he was, last...

The hospital I felt tempted
to blame for his early demise
two years ago -
and it will be two years ago
on March the 22nd...
Dad loved that hospital though
because his son was born there
- yet me, despite seeing the light
of day for the first time there,
I always hated it
especially since 2006.

Things like that make me smile.
That they chose my father's birthday
to inaugurate a brand-spanking new
emergency ward there
-one that got made through funds
amassed during the year 2006 too-
well, I see the Hand of Providence
in things like that...

They're enough evidence, for me,
that there is a

Greater Picture...

One that we don't quite see
the whole scope of

- as of yet.



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