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Sunday, September 10, 2006
And since we spoke of him in another installment this month here... Here he is - Blackstar!
It was either this guy or the insipid "Power Lords" back then - and I couldn't stomach the latter's pathetic attempt at a power trip, so...!

A vast amalgam of elements borrowed (or outright stolen)
from various sources, Blackstar featured a plethora of tiny beings called "Trobbits" - not even a clever attempt at disguising a Tolkien Hobbit as something else...!
Lest it was a mere homage...?
Ah - okay then! ;)

For some reason, the first figure from this collection that I owned, was the above pictured, standing tall for thee PALACE GUARD! Stern-looking and boring as he looks, he filled his purpose, I'm sure... (Actually, I wouldn't know - I don't recall having EVER seen the cartoon featuring these characters!
All I know is that the P.G. came in two versions - and I was stuck with the tritest one! The second revamped look had much better tones of color on him...
But that same stern aura and bright beak!
I took this as my cue to never again have a parakeet...)

Ahh - here is the meanie from the sea again -
Nep - tool?
I always took to the sea and, therefore, I liked characters who came from it... The atrocious Masters of the Universe had two: Merman and Hydron, that I recall...
Popeye was a favorite (though redundant) cartoon
Sinbad was a fave of sorts, too...
And of course, there always was Aquaman!
The sea is the only mysterious realm accessible to anyone of us - so, that is why all of my epic fantasy stuff allegiance adheres with greater ease to the seafaring heroes
(or even ghouls, like Neptul here)
than any space-faring dud...!
(Hmm... Did I mention that Blackstar is a space-faring guy?
One who rides some kind of giant dragon too...
Horseback-riding on a dragon - in outer space.
BUT - Blackstar's first name is JOHN -
and as such, he is true hero material! :)
Never known a John that wasn't!
Make that JOÃO... ;)

But back to Neptul and the sea...
Let's just conclude that
just as in the case of the infamous Gillman
(a.k.a. Gilly
a.k.a. the Creature from the Black Lagoon)
I am more than ready, still, to make an
exception with Neptul as well...
And label him, as Gilly, as a
vastly misunderstood sea creature!

No such quarters for this next guy though...
This little critter above is one generic
yellow demon that came usually
in a twin pack with a villain...
Palace Guard's little buddy -
for instance!
There was also a pink one...
(No comments -
but also no surprise to me!
THAT, in a nutshell, was the big thing
about Blackstar toys;
they were ALL "twin figure packs"
One of the earliest such things,
I do believe!
Kids were delighted to get two figures
instead of just one per pack!
Even though the second one was
either a cheapie Trobbit
or a cheapie demon...!!!
But the concept would evolve
and improve, in time -
especially when the Toddster
started making them toys too...!

Note: the Blackstar demons
are not to be confused with
the Super Powers ' own
They're of the same ilk though
- for sure...

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