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tantas Saudades...

Sunday, December 25, 2016
  Ghosts Of Christmases Past
Last year, I didn't blog much at all...
I guess I didn't care much about blogging! 
This year, look - I am here! 
Intent on making it cool and interesting for all!

(Saw what I did there? No? Just as well...)

Let's just reminisce -as I always do- in images 
(and a few words, here and there, 
peppered in as I see fit - as always) 

The sights, the sounds (!) and even the flavors 
that I associate with them - 

more than any other time of the year 
cannot be a happy time 
if the table is not imbued 
with that aura of a FEAST...
Abundance is therefore IMPERATIVE: 
and some particular elements 
simply must be present...

Meat is not the same without it...

What better to end your festive days 
-or start them- 
than hot coco - huh?

And then it can get fishy for lunch...

(Yes - sort of a free pub for AQUA LUNCH here...)

(Although I doubt they use Bar Harbor products!)

This... is the expensive import stuff!
(straight from BOSTON!)

Other locals...

... it can even be healthy!

Verily, grocery shopping for the holidays 
has an entire other ambiance to it!
And it's not just the incessant 
Christmas music either...

(E, ainda por sima disto tudo, 
nem vamos incluir fotografias de 
lojas portuguesas com certesa...!
Ainda é MAIS apropriado pelas festas;
sô porque é Portuguès, rapaz!
Mas se fossam incluidas, 
isto nâo tinha fim entâo aqui...
Ficamos com isto ai...)

Du pop-corn comme ça... ça donne presque envie de blasphémer 
comme, justement, exactement un de ''ceux-là'' et s'écrier... 
''Nom de Dieu'' - mais nous n'irons pas jusque là, n'ayez crainte!

Étanchons notre soif, par contre...!
(Le sel, vous savez...)

Hey - a guy's got to drink, too - not just eat! 

Gotta try'em all...?!?
(The Twelve Days of Christmas might not be 
quite enough to do so, however...!)

As long as it done without EXCESS - 
nor dire consequences...
Alright - no... I mean, yes; you got the idea!
Let us NEVER drink & drive: 
let's go home with public transport!

(All those Christmas Parties, y'know...)

But we never lose sight of 

- chock-full of magnificent quotes...

but that is not one of them:

It used to be an integral part of Christmas Morning(s) 
as much as all the food... all the booze...

The truth is...

I'm not missing it at all!

All the crap that is on...!

Even channels JUST TO LISTEN TO now...!

Well, some folks would only turn the TV on at night, 
once they'd returned home from work, 
just so there would be SOME LIVING SOUNDS... 
The bachelors, lonely ones and other loner types - 
these are the channels for you! 
(600 to 700... I think?!?)

I was a bachelor once - so I sort of know this trick! 
But I tuned in to MTV - or its equivalent! 
(Ironically, when I lived at ''Le 600'' indeed...)

Ah, all the toys I left behind in that place...!

... all the memories...

But we're going too far back now!!!
Back to... the future!

No better place to celebrate...

The preceding was yet another luminous *simulpost* 
on the TLB Prime Network of blogs & websites: 
most if not exactly all photography coming from 
(and maybe Bostonian Dreams and Aqua Musings)
- by yours truly, 
Luminous Luciano TM
Sempre Por O Melhor!

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