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Monday, May 05, 2014

Both the Historian in me and the casual wrestling fanatic (think this sounds ''oxymoronic'' just a tad? I care not!) that I may have been, once upon a red-shot moon, will be finding contentment this time as we go through archives centering around what was once known as ''professional wrestling'' - and is now simply called, in its current diluted circus-act form, ''sports entertainment''...
nWa for life!

Lou Thesz

Joe Blanchard

Tully Blanchard 

Sid Vicious, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham

Al Perez, Gary Hart, Ron Garvin

Jimmy Hart, Jesse ''The Body'' Ventura, Greg Valentine

Dusty Rhodes, André The Giant 

Zbyszko & Sammartino

''Pretty Boy'' Bobby Heenan

''Nature Boy'' Ric Flair

Young Barry Windham - not a ''Widowmaker'' yet!

Terry Funk

Lou Thesz, Buddy Rogers, 
Mary Lillian Ellison aka The Fabulous Moolah, 
Ric Flair, Rick Rude and Nancy Daus - circa 1992

Georgia Championship Wrestling:
Sylvester Ritter aka The Junkyard Dog,
''The Voice of Wrestling'' Gordon Solie,  
Ted Dibiase Sr. and Robert Fuller

Exotic Adrian Street, Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy Valiant 
and Miss Linda

Sting, John Tatum, Missy Hyatt, Jack Victory, 
''Hot Stuff'' Eddie Gilbert and Rick Steiner

''Oz'' aka Big Daddy Cool aka Kevin Nash

Nikita Koloff 

Clash of the Champions VI in 1989

Ox Baker - a serviceable man...

Lou Thesz and Verne Gagné

Gino Hernandez and Tully Blanchard

Jerry Lawler and Ric Flair

The Nature Boy and The Hammer

Luminous Luciano - at his most lugubrious - 
(always said ''whoooooo'' instead of ''wooooo'' -
just to differenciate from everybody else, y'know!)

So was this guy - different, from everybody else!

Mean Gene Okerlund and Rocky Johnson

Ken Patera

''Nature Boy'' Buddy Landell

The Original ''Nature Boy''

Belfast Bruiser Fit Finlay!

Boston Bruiser - in a far darker period of his life...
With Nancy Daus aka Fallen Angel aka ''Woman''

Verne Gagne

Ric Flair Clones - Unite!
Rick Morton... Terry Taylor... Tom Rich...
with Alexandra York aka Marlena aka Terri Runnels (Rhodes)

The real deal - Flair 
with Less Lamer... Flex Loser... Lex Luger!

Chico... no... Tito Santana 
with Rick Martel as... Strike Force!

Steve Williams ... with Easy E and Madusa Miceli...

... and the real Steve Williams, 
with his big buddy Terry Gordy.

Macho Man Randy Savage 
born Randall Mario Poffo 
doing what he did best...!

Magnum T.A. and the real, official, honest-to-gosh 
wrestling rankings of all major promotions 
as of August 28, 1985...

Luchadores - unite!

Yeah, okay, those chicks are not *all* wrestlers 
and they came onto the scene only in the late 90s
after the NWA had finalized its morphing into WCW
- but how else to end this in beauty 
than with them... huh?

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