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Sunday, December 11, 2011
  1980s - Bündock

If I am one of the few who remembers (and sympathizes with the plight, struggles, underachieving of) artists and bands such as Les Parfaits Salauds - there are other sensible souls out there that do just like me.

Case in point: Jiehnav, the author of the YouTube playlist that follows, who collected all the high points (the few highlights really) of the career of this obscure band from mixed origins that both Jiehnav and I understand so well - for we are, too, of mixed origins, a dualism that has no end...

Below you will discover an artist who had so much potential when, circa 1987, they released an unique sounding single titled American Singer. Ironically, American Singer sounded quite slavic-inspired as it was more akin to the music style of the few Russian rockers that existed then (hey, this was a time when the Cold War was still effective!) but this Bündock kid looked like he wanted nothing less than to become the new Mick Jagger.

And he had the raw makings of it too!

But is was not to be.

Follow-up single releases were well-received: Tied For Time was a hit as well. But then, pressed by their Quebec peers, the band decided to sing in French. Le Corbeau was a hit, but it was obviously limited in it marketability. And when the video for that Fa La La La holiday tune was made, even though Bündock has the clear backing of many of the local artists (many cameos in the video of virtually everyone that was deemed to be "big" back in 1988 - something Les Parfaits Salauds, pourtant Québécois Pure Laine, never had...) it was clear that the end was near for Bündock...

For the old adage is true: whenever they are caught releasing Christmas songs (or, Heaven Forbid, entire albums of the sort) Québec rockers are in the twilight of their careers...

Bündock, ironically, is attempting a comeback now, with just that: a Christmas album.


Have a look at Bündock now: present but mostly past:

Bündock, somehow, aged much more, shall we say normally than Mick Jagger did.

Maybe it's the Québec winters?

He looks like one of my older cousins now!

The chorus of Tied For Time will always evoke times gone by for me, though: the careless, worry-free, all around blissful days of the late eighties...
Days that shall never return - but that are immortalized in songs like that particular one right there.

Thanks for that, Bündock



Hi there!

Old post I know, but I just wanted to say Hi! I'm that Jiehnav guy. (Google reveals everything, even after three years...)

Always surprised to read about this band on the Internet. And you wrote about it very well. I couldn't do better.

I won't narrate my story on how I know Bündock, but I just knew the songs from the Playlist I made until I managed to get S.A./Mauve and Bündock-Lanoie a year ago... It's sad indeed that they dissapeared so rapidly, because, well, for me, these two albums are great. (Still missing Cinéma...)

And for Pierre Bundock aging... I had the same reaction. But in his heart, he is still the young Bündock that wanted to be the new Mick Jagger.


And, by the way, in my opinion, his Christmas album is probably one of the best one out there. Very seriously. Unfortunatly, the album passed without anyone notticing.

- That Jiehnav guy.
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