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tantas Saudades...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Only I could remember such a band!

Back in the 1980s, there was this slightly off-key weird new band made up of guys who dared, quite obviously with some financial support, to pursue their dream of becoming their territory's version of... the Rolling Stones? Only problems were that there were many other bands vying for such a position (Bundock, The Box, Loverboy etc...) - they were doing it in French and... they were not that good.

They were not that good at all.

See and hear for yourselves now;

They did have a vivid imagination, one could say...

Alas, they were always stuck with the image of the unprofessional band that tries so hard to overachieve...

Local funny guys RBO had some fun at their expense too (the Salauds were, in truth, but one of hundreds of victims of RBO humorous denigration... But that is another story, one that is truly unworthy of my precious blog here!) as they parodied the following song with the words "200 jours à pratiquer dans le garage!"

Sad to say - but RBO had a point there...

Perhaps it is sad to say so - but ALL of these songs evoke good memories for me!

My favorite would actually have to be this one right here:

If only due to the line heard early on:
"quelqu'un frappe à la porte
que le diable l'emporte!"

What a gem - one that truly summed up my attitude at the time...

I suppose it was the Salaud side of their Parfait(e) attitude showing up there, hmm...

Les Parfaits Salauds then disappeared from both radio airwaves and videoclip TV stations...

They still rock on, this many years later, though -
and here is the evidence:

Truth be told, the guys' greatest weakness was indeed their songwriting.
Their lyrics were oftentimes odd, if not outright horrible...
Such lyrics as this:
"vampire ou démon
Je dois payer pour avoir son corps!"
Songwriting was never these guys' forté indeed -
with the exception of one or two memorable lines,
here and there, as previously noted...

The lead singer never really got it all together either.
His voice lacked just the right intonation at the right time, somehow - annoyingly close but always off. Agaçant, en effet.

The one undeniable strength was the comprehensive play of their ensemble - they did know their instruments, at least. Alas, it was the only area where these guys were all-pro on - and it proved not to be enough.

The P.S. remain a nostalgic fave, if not a guilty one.

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