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tantas Saudades...

Thursday, May 07, 2009
  J.A.B. - Just Another B-Day...

Have I truly seen
that many things, already,
during this pilgrimage called LIFE?

I've caught a glimpse
-just a tiny glimpse-
of the Sixties...

Enough to be forever enamored of them,

I've seen the Seventies
and all the changes,
for good or for worse,
that they brought...
It was the time of many FIRSTS...
First kiss
First heartache
First slap in the face!
The Seventies -
God, I wish I was back in them now!

(I know -
careful what we wish for;
we might just get it!
But the likelihood
that The Almighty
Will allow me to time travel
is very, very slim...

I saw the Eighties
and I wasn't impressed!

Of them, I'll remain most fond of
travels I made
and certain important steps I made,
but overall
I sure don't miss the pimply bulk of it!

I've said too much, methinks!

Just recently,
of course,
like most of us reading this,
I saw the Nineties...
And, boy - I wasn't impressed there either!
Seems like yesterday
- and in many ways, it was -
and there isn't much to retain
and much to forget
and forgive too
about them...

And, in the last nine years
I feel like I've gone the long nine yards
and there was no touchdown at the end...!

Maybe it's just an impression of mine too...?

Do I sound...
dare I say the word...
Do I?
No way!


I've heard that somewhere...
And, just now, you've read it somewhere
on the TLB Prime Network!

And so
it must be TRUE!

Age is just a number -
don't you know that yet?

I've learned so much
in all my decades
of LIFE!


Jà vi tantas coisas nesso mundo...
sim, com certesa! 

Os aninhos '60 foram muita depreça - 
mas gostei tanto, ainda estou apaixanado!

Os anos '70 foram mais... importantes? 
So por causa de todas as PRIMEIRAS...
Primeiro beijo!
Primeira chapada na cara! RSRSRS 
Primeira dor de cabeça...!

Os anos '80... foram o que foram?!?
Varias coisinhas que valem uma mençao, mas... 
Sobre tudo, nada de tanto comivel! 

Os anos '90 parecem ter sido ontem!
É melhor nem entrar no sujeito...!
Fica para outras vezes...

Porque, claro, cada década teve as suas maravilhas também...! Claro que sim! 

Mas, até agora, as lembranças nâo se tronarem em legendas ainda...!
Nâo tiverem o tempo para isso...

Como os ultimos 9 anos - a década de NADA - nâo é? 

Mas nâo ficamos tristes aqui - o que nâo! 

Jà ouvi isso...
E acredito isso! 

Entâo hoje em dia, quando a juventude vai das idades de 15-20 anos até os 30-35...!



Bon, d'accord; je ne suis plus le jeune fringant (fendant?) que j'étais, jadis...

Dans les années '60...
Bon, je les ai à peine entrevues...!

Dans les années '70...
Toutes ces premières fois... Ahhh! 
On les oublie pas, vous savez! 
Le premier baiser...
La première claque!
Les premiers maux de tête!

Années '80...? 
Un peu, beaucoup pareil - surtout au début!
Ensuite... Peu de souvenirs marquants! 
Vraiment!  Génant? Non! On est seulement... sélectif, voilà c'est tout!

Années '90...
BAH! On tira de la patte...
Peu de choses outre le train-train quotidien! 

Les neuf dernières années sont fort similaires, à ce niveau-là, je suis résigné à déclarer ici...

Mais quand même! 

On a atteint un plateau MYTHIQUE: 
L'AN 40!
DE *MON* ÈRE!!! 

Et puisque les ados prolongent ça jusqu'a leur 30e ou 35e anniversaires... 




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