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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

WCW... what were you doing?!?
Early on, they teamed up The Giant with a pathetic looking Yeti of all things (looked more like a Mummy) in an attempt to have "two scary monsters bent on destroying the heroic Hulk Hogan" - ha! A stable of lame-ass guys was built around the Giant and this Yeti to be the "horrible/horrific villains of service"... They had not much in terms of a scare factor though... Kevin Sullivan (aka Gamesmaster aka Taskmaster aka "the devil" to some...) led that silly "Dungeon of Doom" (which was equal parts his old Varsity Club and also a very obvious Legion of Doom pastiche - not to mention an umpteenth attempt at forming a "scary stable" based on the occult that seemed to be something he had always affectionated throughout his life... This Dungeon as well as his earlier "Army of Darkness" though would always be profoundly... well, ridiculous!)
The Dungeon started out with members such as his old chums from the silliest foils of all ("The Three Faces of Fear" - three monkeys would have been scarier...) in "Zodiac" and "Shark" (Paul Tenta, former Avalanche and Earthquake, showing his versatility by going "Shark Attack! Shark Attack! What are you gonna do, Hulk Hogan, when the Shark attacks YOU?" - sheesh!!! Was Tenta tentatively stating his intention to only work at Bashes at the Beaches and/or Beach Blasts?!? But I digress...) and others...
The silly Dungeon was soon left without either a Yeti (who mysteriously, as mercifully, disappeared) or a Giant - who betrayed them to join the NWO. Their lame attempt at adjoining themselves a LOCH NESS MONSTER (just a fat man, basically...) was quickly dismissed too... They were left with only so-called scary guys such as Meng, The Barbarian, Kamala, Hugh Morrus, Konnan (soon gone too) and they did have a Leprechaun, to their credit... He didn't do much though - interfered in some matches, here and there, that's about it... (He must have inspired the Smackdown revival of a Little One -pardon, a LITTLE BASTARD- a frequent helper to fellow Irishman FINLAY, himself a former WCW guy...)

Many years later, WCW would again try to have a band of horrific, "ghastly grapplers" in the trio formed by VAMPIRO, THE GREAT MUTA and THE DEMON - the latter really a Gene Simmons from KISS clone... These three, though a vast, immense, immeasurable improvement upon the pathetic Three Faces of Fear, well... These three -as the Dark Carnival- truly never gelled as a team either! They even had the most obtuse twist in their little storyline when they had THE DEMON being the nicest of the trio and turning on the other two, to help STING...!!! (Like, KISS my a$$, WCW! Demons AREN'T nice!)

The scariest team in WCW history is the one that NEVER WAS... They had, as seen on the picture, this DEATH AVATAR OF THE SQUARED CIRCLE named Mortis (really Chris Kanyon, but let's forget that for a second here - suspension of disbelief oblige! That's in the French sense, by the way! Mortis is the character-child of a concept-man like me; Andre Frietas of AFX Studios. ANYBODY could have played the character; ANYBODY. "Who's better than Kanyon?" ANYBODY! That's who! But I digress again...)
Mortis and La Parka as the "duo of DEATH" would have been TERRIFIC! Both had skulls for masks (duh!) - both were death incarnate! One cannot get any scarier than that! AND YET... To my knowledge, the dumb bookers of WCW (led by... surprise, surprise... Kevin Sullivan!) NEVER teamed up these two! La Parka being a luchadore and Mexican, he was segregated - cast aside, with the other luchadores... The deadly duo that was such a natural alliance never came to be. Pathetic lack of creativity... Among other things...

Just one of many instances where WCW completely missed the boat...
Strike one - not focusing enough on the 4 Horsemen
Strike two - focusing too much on the nWo
Strike three - no Mortis & La Parka team of DEATH!

Yup - that's my take on it and I'm sticking to it!
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