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Monday, July 30, 2001

The Four Horsemen always made for such quality segments -
entertaining promos; and that's the name of this game Vinnie Mac calls "sports entertainment", duh!

The era that had Flair, Arn, Benoit, Mongo, Jarrett and these women named Debra and Nancy was enlivened with the addition of Elizabeth - and ruined with the addition of Hennig!

At various times there were really FIVE HORSEMEN -
on the screen above, you can see Arn, Ric, Sid, Barry and Ole attacking the late Sylvester "JYD" Ritter, as you saw on the previous screens "Double J" making it 5 with the 1996 Horsemen - who, in that, were following the example set by the JJ Dillon (the OTHER double J!) managed Horsemen of 1988; Tully, Arn, Ric and Barry Windham.

Never mind now that WCW was crazy enough 
to want to not only liken the faction 
to the Nazi Regime - 
but to even go as far as emulate 
the swastika - and incorporate that 
into their official merchandising logo!!!

As one fan noted: When Luger first came to NWA he was being teased about not blading (cutting oneself to feign an injury - all part of the make-believe of wrestling) by Jim Cornette. So Lex went out bladed and cut himself way to much lost so much blood they cut the match short and he had to go to the hospital and given blood because of so much he loss by blading so I guess they wanted someone who knew what they were doing cutting him.
And another added: All the more evidence that the nWa was a way better promotion than the then wwf. All the wwf had was money, and they took a lot, if not all, of the nWa ideas and wrestlers. The nWa shaped wrestling as we see it today, i.e (backstage filming, locker room run-ins). All this while Hulk Hogan was cutting cheap ass promos.
LOL - couldn't have worded more eloquently myself! ;)
(Note that, on the video right above this bit of commentary, Lex Luger is seen being "bladed" by the helping hand of Lex Luger - his former manager and fellow member of the Horsemen! Luger had betrayed the group and was being ganged up on by the Four of them by then, but they were all really still working together and producing a much better product than Vince McMahon EVER COULD.)

Ole Anderson - BEFORE the Horsemen...
It was like ME versus Ric Flair (and then Flair buddy 
and not imitator Greg "The Hammer" Valentine...) 
- the eloquence would be there, 
but the match-up is not fair on the charisma factor alone...!

Ole, Arn & Tully as Horsemen...

Another era of Horsemen: Arn, Windham & Vicious...!

And let's end here with HALLOWEEN HAVOC 1990 - the Horsemen of always, Ric Flair and Arn Anderson, playing the part of the heels again and putting over, out of the generosity of their kind hearts, the team of DOOM (a very doomed team indeed, destined to not remain one for long at all)

The Horsemen faced them all - the nWo, the Dudes With Attitude, the Dungeon of Doom (Army of Darkness - Light, really!), Doom, the Steiners, Sting's Squadron, the Midnight Express, the Rock'n'Roll Express, the Super Powers, the Road Warriors (aka the Legion of Doom!) and many more...

Whether in the NWA or in WCW, the Horsemen were the best of them all.

And they ruled the WWE too - DVD sales! ;)

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